The Biggest Body of Water

Loren Xu, Pauline Bernichan, Sophia Kukuwitakis

By the year 2031, the Netherlands will have been living through a critical water-scarcity crisis for a year. As (fictional) members of the Committee of Wellbeing under the official Water Council, we propose a visionary solution to repurpose unused bathrooms in people’s homes. Our concept aims to create a serene environment inspired by “blue mind” theory – a meditative state introduced by Wallace J. Nichols that recognises the power of water in calming and relaxing our minds and characterised by a sense of peacefulness, unity, and happiness in the present moment.

What if water becomes so scarce that people end up becoming the biggest bodies of water in their homes?

We developed a unique breath-activated machine that is worn around the chest. It invites individuals to lie in their empty bathtubs and collect condensation with each exhale. A small glass vessel within the machine collects the water while a small but strong LED lamp placed beneath it emits a soothing blue light. As the light passes through the water it projects a beautiful reflection on the walls and ceiling of the bathroom.

The act of sharing oneself with the surrounding environment enhances the blue mind experience.

The interaction between light, reflections, and the soothing sounds of water provide users with a much-needed sanctuary to escape the stress of water scarcity. Through this multi-sensorial experience, individuals can find temporary solace from their struggles.

By converting unused bathrooms into serene oases, this project not only addresses the practical concerns of water scarcity but also recognises how important it is to nurture our emotional and physical health in the face of adversity.