rehydration nation, the water council

Marine Bosi, Lucas Garvey, Sophia Schullan, Ben Dusserre-Robinson

Fijne dag and hello Client,

Here at rehydration nation we value your wellbeing above all else – and we also acknowledge that this is a time in which it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a sense of “being well”. That is why, included in the envelope you have received alongside this letter, we have given you a free voucher to attend a session of our water scarcity-specific, eco-anxiety  therapy at our head office in Eindhoven.

We of course understand that this session will only be a stepping stone towards becoming fully hydrated and healthy once again – but here at Rehydration Nation we pride ourselves in being the leading authority on helping to moisten the collective psyches of the Netherlands. Here you will be able to express your concerns in a professional and therapeutic environment. Nobody should have to wait for an impending drought without being able to discuss it with trained experts first!

Will also provide you with one, free-of-charge unit of water per therapy session, on the house*. We look forward to welcoming you to our state-of-the-art clinic.

Stay hydrated,
rehydration nation, the water council

*one unit of water is the equivalent of one sip, approximately 10 millilitres of water.